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Giant Squid Plush - Ten feet of fleece Cephalopod - Studio Arethusa
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A Giant Squid Plush - Ten feet of fleece Cephalopod

$ 299.00

Please note, Giant Squids ordered now cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

Pirates Beware!

This Giant Squid measures ten cuddly feet from the top of her mantle to the tip of her feeder tentacles. She is made from fleece to be especially snuggly. As is typical of giant squid, she has huge eyes set on opposite sides of her head, eight long arms, and two even longer tentacles.

Unlike some stuffed cephalopods out there, the underside on this gal is not just a flat circle. Instead, her mouth is open, so you can have your arm eaten up to the shoulder if you're not careful. In addition, her arms are integral with her head, instead of being added on separately, so no seam across the top of the arms. Much better!

She is stuffed with high-quality Cluster Pillow Stuffing for good looks and huggability.

If you have any questions about the construction, detailing, materials, etc., 

Since I make these to order, I can get you just about any color fleece or fabric you like. Enter your desired colors in the boxes provided, or contact me, and together we can design one just for you! Be sure to leave a contact email as well, and I will send you color images for your approval. This way you get exactly what you want!

This cephalopod will be made just for you when you order, so please allow me time to wrestle it into being. Typical turnaround is 4-5 weeks, plus whatever time it takes to ship to you. If you have a tight deadline, message me ahead of time, and I'll see what I can do. Thanks!

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